One day, after I walked home from school, I decided to stop by to ask if I could get a job. I mean maybe if I could earn money, I could help Mom buy food. I was determined to at least try.I walked through the front door. Behind the counter was a teenage girl.“Hey kid,… Continue reading Hustleman

All or Nothing

2020 has been a very rough year for us all .That goes without saying. But for some it has been a year they can’t seem to escape. Months of lock down, job loss, death of a loved ones. The list can go on forever I do believe. In Spite of all of the hard knocks… Continue reading All or Nothing

Strange Days

I remember the days when our elders were respected. I was always eager to listen and slow to speak when they had the floor. Most were very wise to the things of the world and not so naive.I readily took their advice .More than that I helped them in any ways I could. How things… Continue reading Strange Days

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